بس یونہی

Another classic in the melancholic-but-not-downer genre. I also get a kick out of Shehzad Mughal just taking an electric guitar out of the hands of a guy on a main road (who mind you seems to be holding it up for him and then remembers to protest, and then eventually disappears (one assumes, not expecting his guitar back)) in the middle of the night and starts soloing without a cable (this particular phenomenon is observed widely in South Asia).

Also – I’ve been sending YouTube links since YouTube has the widest collection of the songs I’m sourcing here. With the recent ban on YouTube announced by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (don’t get me started), I imagine this might be problematic in the future. I don’t know how the ban will play out, and how difficult it’ll be for people to access these links. Where possible I can try to switch to other websites. Please let me know how your access to YouTube changes and if you have a preference for which platform I should send links to.