بات ان کہی

If the winter sun were to melt into a voice, it would sound like Jaffer Zaidi.

Kaavish’s way of laying down the instrumental track behind this voice is understated, which I love deeply. The more I think about it the more the word ‘understated’ seems to apply to everything about their music. Even the vocal – there is no drastic shift in tone, just extreme control and force. The melody doesn’t jump octaves. There are no hard breaks. The band’s name: a word for an attempt.

For years the band was close to Coke Studio, but never forced their way into the lineup as main artists. It was clear they would have the spot if they wanted, and when they did take it they lived up to it well. But this speaks to the band’s larger ethos – they would rather leave you wanting more than wanting less.

Samra Khan also features in this recording.