Umer Ahmed’s new single Deewana is a delightful step in the development of Pakistani indie pop. There are classic throwback elements in this song – the warmth of the melody, an almost Fleetwood-Mac-like combination of keyboard, drum, bass, and the tone on that guitar solo. The jazzy outro that plays over the credits reveals the breadth of Ahmed’s musical influences, and even in what may appear as a simple song on first listen it is clear that what is feigning as simplicity is a mastery of production and musical nuance delivered with extreme tightness.

Ahmed’s self-awareness is particularly endearing. The oversized suits and simple backdrops pair perfectly with the ethos of the sound. The quizzical looks delivered to the camera, exactly the humor a song of this tone needed to be relevant today. If anything, my only complaint is that Ahmed is too self-aware of his vocal limits. I hope the clear melodic quality of his voice is proudly displayed in the songs to come.