A bittersweet smile

The band Aunty Disco Project were fun to follow not just for their music, but for themselves. The songs were all serious, but there was a self-aware humor around everything they did. The name reflected that, their tagline was ‘Get your aunty on', and a guy in a panda suit would show up in their videos.

This was their last video, but it was everything that was great about them. Honest, sincere, and a bit of fun. The song is melancholic, without being a downer. It is a rumination – a man addressing his lover ostensibly, but really just talking to himself. Trying to let go by acknowledging sadness and promising himself something happier and different, though evidence of that ever happening is not clear.

In testing times, it is natural to feel like you must ignore negative emotion to cope. Moments of expression like this song help realize that reasoning with emotion can help to live with it. Sadness does not preclude happiness. Our hearts are big enough to feel both.

The song starts a couple of minutes into the video.