A live version of Bohemia's School Di Kitaab

Shahan Shahid writes:

I wanted to share this fantastic live version of Bohemia's School Di Kitab, also performed on Coke Studio Season 5, and which I've recently come to love as a great Punjabi braggadocio piece. In the CS edition's BTS, Bohemia says no studio recording of this song exists and that he chanced upon the lyrics–he calls it an aamad–after some Lahori parents lamented that their kids don't study or go to school but know lyrics to his songs, hence: mundeyaan nu geet meray yaad jivain school di kitaab. He then sings along to this recording in the Coke Studio hall and Rohail agrees to do it.

From this live version: perhaps the only time you'll see Bohemia playing to a live band and given the many cues Bohemia drops–and the pianist's smirk–it's clear neither party has done this before much. There's even some jugalbandi at the end and a set of lyrics that didn't make it to the CS version. Remember, also, that all this is happening on "Switch On with Fia" and ATV, a family first TV channel.