A song for tough times

I’ll be honest, this was meant to be the first post. But I accidentally pressed send on that other email you got, and so my grand plan was ruined by my own incompetence. Anyway, thank you to all that showed great support to this idea and have read my writing in the past.

It’s hard to start something about Pakistani music just a few days after Taher Shah releases a song and not acknowledge it. Consider it acknowledged, but I haven’t prepared myself emotionally to deal with it just yet.

And I couldn’t have not started a series like this with a song by the Vital Signs. Turns out I did, but that was a mistake that we will overlook. This particular Vital Signs song has a few lines (from Shoaib Mansoor of course) that hopefully provide some calm in times of separation:

ملنے سے من کا ملن ہوتا نہیں
من نہ ملیں تو ملن، ہوتا نہیں

نہ ہو خزاں تو بہار، کیسی لگے
صبح نہ آئے تو رات، کیسی لگے