Constant Summer

Friend of the show Natasha Noorani on her latest single with Talal Qureshi:

Working with Talal on Constant Summer has been such a unique collaboration. Considering we had to work in different continents and then different cities, it’s amazing that we were able to communicate so well musically. Talal’s ideation of the song evolved a lot over the process and proved to be a really fun audio-visual challenge for me. Writing the song was especially interesting because of Talal’s approach to making pop and I knew I had to come up with a hook that would serve its purpose on the track. I feel like we really managed to get the best that we both could possibly offer and put it on ‘Constant Summer’.

Wanted to share this but thought it best to have Natasha tell you about the song herself. Talal Qureshi writes that he had four distinct versions of the song, but ended up picking this one.

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