Eid Mubarak

It didn’t seem right to just send a pop song, given the news of the Karachi plane crash amidst what was already a difficult Ramzan.

When I first spent a Ramzan away from home, and perhaps critically not surrounded by others experiencing Ramzan, I felt a desperate longing to connect with home and faith in some way. In this time I turned to Junaid Jamshed’s recordings of religious hymns. Since then I have found that his voice, and especially these recordings provide me a sense of warmth, hope, and strength to do better, and to be better.

I am thankful that Junaid Jamshed was able to bring his taste and expertise to this genre, where the superficialities of aural aesthetics are often unfortunately lost. Of course Junaid Jamshed’s own passing in a similar tragedy makes this all even more sad.

I hope this finds you in safety and in good health. May you all be protected. Eid Mubarak.