Hamnawa Select

I’m excited to announce Hamnawa Select: playlists of our favorite Pakistani music. I’ll publish these playlists periodically. The playlist for May is a collection of great hip hop, synth pop, and semi-classical released over the last few months.

A number of recordings feature from the Karachi Urdu rap scene built around the Young Stunners. These include some recordings by the Stunners Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus themselves, their solo work, and songs from producer Jokhay’s album Khana Badosh, which in itself is just an immense piece of art that I have quite enjoyed recently. Kaky Thou$and and Eva B represent the Baloch side of the Karachi rap scene. The Punjabi end of the hip hop section is help up by Faris Shafi, Maanu and Multan’s S.H. HAIDERI.

Hasan Raheem, Zoha Zuberi, Maria Unera, Natasha Noorani, Abdullah Siddiqui feature with synth pop. Wisdom Salad has a lovely instrumental recording. Arooj Aftab and Natasha Baig feature with great semi-classical renditions.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, and will find upcoming collections on the Hamnawa Spotify profile.