Hamnawa Select July '21

Hamnawa Select is a periodical collection of our favorite Pakistani music. The playlist for July has hip hop, art pop, electro pop, and dance.

As readers of this mailing list know, I’m listening to a lot of desi hip hop lately. This makes it more inexcusable that I am so late to a few songs by superdupersultan, Savage, Boljani, Shareh, Umair and Umar (who are all part of the Young Stunners universe). JJ47 and Rap Demon have some great new music, and the Rap Demon one in particular is such a great throwback to traditional desi pop with its main melodic line. Maanu features twice.

I love the new songs by Shorbanoor and Mehdi Maloof, which I categorize as art pop. Towers’ new recording is close to that bucket too.

I also enjoy the two more upbeat songs from Maria Unera and Rovalio.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, and will find upcoming collections on the Hamnawa Spotify profile.