Hamnawa Select June '21

Hamnawa Select is a periodical collection of our favorite Pakistani music. The playlist for June has electronic, semi-classical, hip hop & low fi.

This playlist has some excellent jazz from Jaubi, and a few more of my favorite songs from Arooj Aftab’s latest album Vulture Prince. RFB & Abdullah Kasumbi feature with an excellent EDM number. Yasir Qureshi (under the stage name Son of Qureshi) features with a beautiful electronica melody. Umair’s collaboration with Annural Khalid, and Amna Riaz’s latest acoustic/low fi recording also make it to our favorites this month.

There’s been some great hip hop recently, and I’m adding some of my recent favorites from Sunny Khan Durrani, JJ47, Hashim Nawaz, aleemrk and Dark Street. Maanu and Rozeo’s song for the PSL also features, in celebration of the PSL’s resumption.

You can find this playlist on Spotify, and will find upcoming collections on the Hamnawa Spotify profile.