Ahmer Naqvi writes in response to the last post by Hassan Asif on Hasan Raheem:

Great, great writing though I feel I have a quibble with the main thesis. I mostly agree with it and think it's very well said, but I feel when it makes the leap from the past to Hasan Raheem's present, it perhaps ignores the whole indie-irony vibe of the 2010s etc. I'm thinking of Bumbu Sauce's My Punjabi Love For You video, which subverts traditional filmic tropes. In terms of that indie, cell-phone type vibe SKM or Shajie or PRB videos had that aesthetic to it, and also stuff like in Faris videos and other post social media era music videos, like Biryani Brothers doing that PTV aesthetic. However, I am also aware that there is something different to Hasan Raheem, and I would say that's that he has taken this indie/ironic/internet vibe to a very mainstream and pop sound without losing that sense of being all those things as well. I think that's a really great insight that the post makes, and I definitely agree with its larger crux.