Easy, perfect pop

If you’ve engaged in any kind of creative process you know there are easy ideas and hard ideas. The easy ones just come, fully formed. They need only transcription. It is as if an external force is simply using you as a vessel to become manifest. Writers that have been surprised by their own sentences know this feeling.

Then there are ideas that come out broken, and need sweat and hard work. Every piece is composed, then thrown away, then composed again. By the end you hate yourself and the work, and really the only reason you know something is complete is that you’re too sick of it to look at it any more.

There are gradations in between I know, but these are helpful caricatures of the two spectrums of creative process. And most great work, certainly most great pop has to come from one of the two extremes. I say pop, because pop is not just about a brilliant idea in abstract, but also about making an idea understandable enough that it can be received without a barrier. That it can be mainstream, i.e. that that it can transcend simply the interesting and become the understood.

This is one of those pop songs that I imagine has to have been one of these two extremes. And if I were to bet I’d bet it was the easy kind.

As far as I’m aware, this band called Sahil did not put out a ton more music after this video.