We're Gonna Make It

JJ47 is part of the Stunners universe. However, unlike most of the vocalists in this group, JJ47’s style is less about flow and more about delivery. In that while other rappers impress by focusing on speed and rhythm, JJ47’s style is more about tone and cadence. As a result, his songs have less lines but are more hummable.

In some sense, JJ47’s style is closer to Maanu who smoothly transitions between singing and rapping. It is perhaps similar also to Hasan Raheem, who is ostensibly singing but who’s style is also to concentrate less on melodic variety and more on creating a slow resolution to a simple melody through repetitive phrases. Unlike Maanu and Hasan Raheem however, who are often trying to get you dancing, JJ47 will accompany you on a melancholic drive or an afternoon staring session outside the window.