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Every Hamnawa post is around one Pakistani pop song. Hamnawa is published a few times a month. (There are exceptions that prove both rules)

The collection is a mix of old and new, famous and obscure, pop and not-so-pop. Occasionally I invite guests, and share audience favorites.

I first started writing about Pakistani pop over 10 years ago. The overarching thesis of Hamnawa is that the arc of Pakistani music is a story not just of music, but of technology, business, and politics. And while various societal factors influence the direction of Pakistani music, it cannot be understood with a global lens only. This particular narrative has a unique historical trajectory. A story of its own to be told.

– Zeerak Ahmed

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How long can this thing run, is there even enough Pakistani pop?


Some of these posts are really long

I’m sorry, old habits die hard.

آپ ہوتے کون ہیں؟
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Zeerak Ahmed

I'm a designer, engineer and writer from Lahore. During the day I lead a design team at Amazon, Inc. I make novel Urdu technology called Matnsaz, and write about Pakistani pop music at Hamnawa.