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Premium consulting for Pakistani music

Hamnawa Analytics provides empirically-backed advice on creative and financial decision-making in the Pakistani music industry.

Our insights are based on a proprietary database tracking 450+ Pakistani musicians across multiple platforms. This database covers nearly the entirety of active musicians in the country, along with inactive artists that have significant back catalogs on online platforms. The result is a trends, growth and forecasting capability built over 28,000+ datapoints. New data is added every month.

What Hamnawa Analytics Can Do for You

Successful projects in music require an understanding of the customer landscape. Knowing what products customers are gravitating to can help ascertain how to obtain the maximum return on your investments of time and financial resources. Hamnawa Analytics helps you make creative decisions with an empirical approach. Learn the sorts of tasks Hamnawa Analytics can help you accomplish.

  • Curate successful artists lineups

  • Invest in artists whose audiences are growing, and who are likely to expand the reach of your brand into your target market

  • Understand which genres are trending and make sure your creative direction is forward-looking

  • Avoid investing huge costs in names that are not drawing eyeballs or are on the decline

  • Save money and grow your brand’s reach

  • Understand your own growth across platforms, and figure out what creative moves caused a lasting impact to the size of your audience

  • Identify your peer group. While you may be studying other artists in your circle, there are likely other artists with a similar audience that are not on your radar. How can you understand their creative strategy?

  • Study the success of artists you emulate and learn what strategic moves you can borrow from their careers

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We offer one-time and recurring engagements based on your needs. Each package is customized to fit your business goals and timeline. For a quote, please write to us at:

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