Metropolitan Jazz Bands

I was glad to hear that many readers enjoyed Sandaraa. Omer Tariq wrote back:

Was an absolute delight finding out about Sandaraa yesterday and not surprising that they are a NY-based outfit. I tend to find a lot of hope and optimism in these metropolitan contemporary jazz bands/collectives/projects. Not only are they a testament to the potential of cities for bringing people and ideas together, the act of bringing to the fore voices / ideas / poetry / music which would otherwise be on the margins is a political statement – especially in current climates. 

Have always felt (London-based Jazz collective) Kefaya’s Songs of Our Mothers, with Afghan singer Elaha Suroor, had strong Zeb and Haniya vibes. Seeing Sandaraa’s video with Zeb Bangash on the vocals reminded me of that comparison again. If bands were people, I feel Sandaraa and Kefaya would be cousins.

Would love to recommend Songs of Our Mothers to your readers. The album comprises of feminist Afghan folk songs. Sharing a video of Gole Be Khaar, a moody ode to forbidden love. 

Omer always expands my horizons, I’m so glad to have him in our community.